About Me

Welcome to my Art Journal Blog.  I’m an artist in Adelaide, South Australia and I grew up on the coast of Eyre Peninsula.  Growing up by the seaside has given me a life-long love of the sea, which comes through in many of my mermaid artworks.  I create beautiful hand painted Australian mermaid art bracelets and pendants.  Each piece is a unique, special treasure, made by hand, to be worn with pleasure.  I love to paint on wood, shell and semi-precious stones using acrylics and I seal my artworks with a beautiful high gloss lacquer.  I also love to draw mermaids and fantasy art using mechanical graphite pencils. 

On this site you can read about my painting process and also find links to my DIY printable projects, including printable mermaid party tails. 

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If you’d like to contact me, please email info@annemariebroughton.com.


In the studio

 If you are looking to buy my art please visit my Etsy shop here:


My Made It store is here:

If you would like to see my latest works in progress I post them first on my Facebook page, which you can find here:

My homepage is here:








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