Redhead Mermaid Hand Painted Bracelet


This is another of my hand painted mermaid bracelets I made last year.


Like most of my hand painted projects, I started off with a rough sketch (this one is probably one of my roughest sketches so far!)  I then traced the outline onto a plain wood bracelet.  I painted the inside and the background a gorgeous dark blue colour, like the sea.  Her long curly red hair was painted using gold, red, orange and touches of yellow and dark brown to give it that layered look.


Initially the base colours and details are very rough.  I keep painting until the details really start to shine.  My favourite size brush at the moment is size 000, with a nice fine, pointed tip so I can paint fine details like the eyes and lips.


I paint the criss-cross of the scales on her tail and start painting some seaweed behind her, to frame the figure.


I use a very lovely sea green for her swishy mermaid tail and now she has the look of “Ariel” from The Little Mermaid.


Above is the turnaround view, her curly tail is quite long and around the back of the bracelet I painted swirls of blue water.  Her tail and hair are both highlighted in gold, then the whole bracelet is coated in about 10 coats of high gloss varnish.


This bracelet is already sold but please check out my Etsy shop if you are looking for more of my art:

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