Month: May 2015

Ocean Dreams Mermaid Hand Painted Bracelet


Today I finished painting my latest mermaid bracelet “Ocean Dreams” which features a redhead mermaid swimming with her dolphin friend, while above them a surf wave crashes and seafoam swirls around her mermaid tail.

This is the sketch I based my painting on:


I altered the angle of the dolphin so the design would be more suitable for the width of the bracelet as it is only 50mm wide.  I then traced the outline onto the plain wood bracelet using graphite transfer paper and started by painting the mermaid first.


It took me a while to decide what colour to paint the tail and in the end I decided on a multi-colour blue green and yellow tail.  I experimented with pinks and purples but decided to keep it to blues and greens with gold highlights.

The dolphin was painted next and I used blues, greens and yellows so that it would blend in with the mermaid and the background blue colours.




Next I painted the big wave and blended the seafoam to the end of her mermaid tail using a small flat brush to soften the strokes.  The whole bracelet was given multiple coats of high gloss varnish for protection.



This bracelet is now SOLD but to see more of my art visit my Etsy shop: