Mermaid Cave Painting


I’ve been quiet on this blog lately but I have been busy working on a few art projects.  One I’ve just finished was started on the spur of the moment when I decided to grab this blank canvas that had been lying around the house and spontaneously start painting a magical underwater cave scene!  I wanted something calm and serene in beautiful light blue turquoise colours so I covered the canvas with some blues and greens.  Then I mixed the paint heavily with water and allowed some of the colour to drip and slide down the canvas to represent floating sea grass.  With a large rounded edge brush I made up a random border of cave like rocks and magical tendrils.


The scene needed something to bring it to life so I sketched up a little girl mermaid and transferred the outline to the canvas.  Her beautiful sparkling blonde hair and blue green flowing tail add a beautiful mysterious quality to the scene.  I filled the rest of the scene with fish and underwater plants and added some more details to the floating sea grasses.



And this is the finished version of the mermaid – hope you like it!


This painting is destined for a group fantasy art exhibition in March 2016.  I have plans to paint two more canvasses in the same style to make a set of three.  Lets see how I go! 🙂

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