Art & Poetry of Mermaids Mini Book Release


I was so excited today to receive my new “Art & Poetry of Mermaids” mini books back from the printers – and they look gorgeous!  I spent quite a bit of time putting the layout together for these, selecting the most beautiful mermaid illustrations to go with each of the lovely poems.  And also deciding which illustration and poem to open with and finish with.

The booklet also includes two poems written by my mother, Joy Broughton, who sadly passed away in 2002 from breast cancer.  I think we would’ve had a great time collaborating together on an illustrated poetry book so this book is dedicated with much love to her 🙂




This booklet would be the perfect little gift for someone who loves mermaids!  You can purchase the book by itself from my Etsy shop here:

It’s also available in a Gift Set which includes a Mermaid Picture Pendant Necklace, which can be purchased here:

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