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DIY Printable Paper Mermaid Tails

So I got a bit carried away this week getting ready for my daughter’s mermaid themed birthday party and I made these printable paper mermaid tails.  I looked everywhere online for similar affordable mermaid party dress up tails but not having any luck, I decided to go and design some myself!  So now I have a new product in my online shop – DIY Printable Paper Mermaid Tails.


The downloadable PDF file includes 5 different coloured tails and also a black outline tail the children can colour in themselves. All you need is a printer, heavyweight paper or cardstock, ribbon or string to tie it on with, a hole punch and a laminating machine. (You can make them without laminating however they may not be as sturdy –  I would recommend putting some sticky tape in the corners before punching the holes to make the holes more sturdy if you are unable to laminate them.)  TIP: If you don’t have a suitable printer at home you can take the digital file to Officeworks and they will print and laminate them for you.

I like them with the ribbon tied into a bow at the back, it looks very cute!


Use a hole punch to punch a hole in each corner at the top of the tail & tie the tail around the child’s waist using ribbon or string. They can either wear it at the front or at the back. The kids will love decorating them with glitter, stick-on rhinestones and crayons!
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The US Letter Size can be found in my Etsy Shop here (for USA/Canada buyers or other countries who use US Letter paper):

UPDATE!  I now have US LARGE Paper Size 11 inches x 17 inches Printable Mermaid Tails available in my Etsy shop here:

For buyers in Europe and Australia who use standard A4 and A3 paper sizes the instant download files can be purchased in my Etsy shop here:

SMALL A4 Paper Size (Toddler Size):

LARGE A3 Size (Child Size 5-10 years approximately):

(These mermaid tails are designed for young children but older children and adults can also wear them too!)  🙂