Mermaid & Sea Lion Hand Painted Bracelet


This week I finished painting this stunning Mermaid and Sea Lion wood bracelet.  It features a mermaid with a long orange goldfish tail and matching flowing fiery orange hair.  She is reaching playfully towards an Australian Sea Lion swimming beneath the teal blue ocean.

This painting was based on my original pencil drawing:

Mermaid and Sealion

After I sanded the wood bracelet I traced out my drawing design onto the wood using graphite transfer paper.

I painted the background in teal blues and added some dark and light patterns to show the water shadows from beneath the waves.


Then I started painting the sea lion using shades of brown overlaid with washes of blue paint to blend it into the background.


Once I was happy with the sea lion I started painting the mermaid.

Mermaid and Sealion

The inside of the bracelet is painted in metallic teal paint which has a beautiful shimmer.  The orange of the mermaid’s tail and hair really pops against the teal blue background.


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“Mermaid’s Faith” Hand Painted Abalone Shell Mermaid Art Pendant


This is my latest hand painted mermaid art pendant.  It’s painted on a beautiful green polished abalone shell (approx. 4cm high) on a sterling silver plated necklace with (lab-created) green topaz stones.

As this shell was much smaller than usual, it took some time to decide what I could paint in such a small space.  The smaller the area, the less detail can be put into the painting, even with very fine paintbrushes.  In the end I created a cameo style mermaid portrait pendant, where I could still put a lot of detail into the face and hair .  I based my painting on this sketch:


The painting evolved into a redhead mermaid with long flowing hair.


I kept painting and she became a mermaid princess with branch corals and a starfish in her hair.



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Ocean Dreams Mermaid Hand Painted Bracelet


Today I finished painting my latest mermaid bracelet “Ocean Dreams” which features a redhead mermaid swimming with her dolphin friend, while above them a surf wave crashes and seafoam swirls around her mermaid tail.

This is the sketch I based my painting on:


I altered the angle of the dolphin so the design would be more suitable for the width of the bracelet as it is only 50mm wide.  I then traced the outline onto the plain wood bracelet using graphite transfer paper and started by painting the mermaid first.


It took me a while to decide what colour to paint the tail and in the end I decided on a multi-colour blue green and yellow tail.  I experimented with pinks and purples but decided to keep it to blues and greens with gold highlights.

The dolphin was painted next and I used blues, greens and yellows so that it would blend in with the mermaid and the background blue colours.




Next I painted the big wave and blended the seafoam to the end of her mermaid tail using a small flat brush to soften the strokes.  The whole bracelet was given multiple coats of high gloss varnish for protection.



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Redhead Mermaid Hand Painted Bracelet


This is another of my hand painted mermaid bracelets I made last year.


Like most of my hand painted projects, I started off with a rough sketch (this one is probably one of my roughest sketches so far!)  I then traced the outline onto a plain wood bracelet.  I painted the inside and the background a gorgeous dark blue colour, like the sea.  Her long curly red hair was painted using gold, red, orange and touches of yellow and dark brown to give it that layered look.


Initially the base colours and details are very rough.  I keep painting until the details really start to shine.  My favourite size brush at the moment is size 000, with a nice fine, pointed tip so I can paint fine details like the eyes and lips.


I paint the criss-cross of the scales on her tail and start painting some seaweed behind her, to frame the figure.


I use a very lovely sea green for her swishy mermaid tail and now she has the look of “Ariel” from The Little Mermaid.


Above is the turnaround view, her curly tail is quite long and around the back of the bracelet I painted swirls of blue water.  Her tail and hair are both highlighted in gold, then the whole bracelet is coated in about 10 coats of high gloss varnish.


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Little Girl Mermaid & Seahorse Hand Painted Bracelet

In mid-2014 I painted this gorgeous little bracelet of a young girl mermaid and her seahorse friend.  Based on an old unfinished digital painting from a few years ago – I had the layout and the colours already decided.

Mermaid&SeahorseI purchased several plain wood bracelets from a craft supplier on Etsy based in Ireland.  These bracelets are made from wood in Poland which is sustainably produced.  They are a lovely light-weight type of wood so when you wear it on your wrist it’s very comfortable and not heavy at all.

After transferring the outline in graphite pencil to the outside of the bracelet I started by painting the inside and the background a beautiful aqua colour with non-toxic acrylic paint.


I really felt I need to tackle her long blonde/brown hair next and I used a variety of browns, oranges, reds, yellows and gold to give the highlights in the strands of hair.

DSC_4932Next I painted the seahorse and her mermaid tail.  The seahorse came together very quickly and I was pleased with the depth achieved by using the dark and light highlights in the greens, yellows and black.  The mermaid tail was a bit more difficult, I had to repaint it about 3 times because I wasn’t happy with the blue colour and the pattern of the scales.  It was also difficult to paint the translucent “skirt” of fins at her waist, because the painting is so miniature it’s difficult to get the level of detail if the paint is not flowing wetly enough and the brush is not pointy enough!

DSC_4933 As a background I painted some water ripples and water shadows using a photograph of a swimming pool as a reference.  This was quite experimental for me and I was surprised how well it came out.  It looked even better when the high gloss lacquer was applied, this tends to give the painting a lot more depth and the colours also seem to blend together more and look stronger.

I finished up by painting some corals and sea grasses around her, a fish, and also some sparkly stars around her and the seahorse, to show the special magic friendship they share.  I gave this piece about 10 layers of high gloss lacquer so it would have a lovely shiny hardwearing surface.



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